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Doing implant surgery does not mean never having to say you are sorry

Some women claim their implants harmed them. The term 'breast implant illness' has been coined to describe a small group of women who feel that their implants made them sick. The number, and this is only a rough estimate, is small, perhaps 1-2% of women with implants, but with over 5 million women with implants in the U.S. alone, it is still a large number. Estimates are around 35,000 but that could be way off, either way. The problem is that anyone can react to anything put into their body and such reactions are often unpredictable both in how and when they present. I am very sorry for anyone who feels that her implants harmed her. I am trying very hard to learn more and to figure out how best to deal with this. Explantation (removal of implants) is always an option but it is not one without possible harm either. Women need to be fully informed and that has always been a primary principle in how I practice. For more, go to the link below. 



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