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This young lady desired an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) because of her loose skin and stretch marks from pregnancy and weight gain. At her weight, I strongly recommended she lose weight to something more reasonable for her height. I do this for all patients because weight loss after cosmetic surgery can undo much of the good obtained from the surgery. The surgery is more difficult and prone to complications and the results are compromised when operating on very heavy patients. Weight loss in such cases also makes the surgery safer and, of course, offers huge benefits to long term health. I will however, work with patients where they are if they cannot, or will not lose weight, and accept the risks and limitations of the surgery. Of course, I also have to be comfortable with the situation. She wishes to proceed as she was and I was willing to do this for her. 

Abdominoplasty - Dr. Richard Bosshardt
Abdominoplasty - Dr. Richard Bosshardt


She is shown six months after a full abdominoplasty in which I removed a total of 1700 grams (3 and 3/4 lbs), which is a very large resection for a tummy tuck. She did very well with the surgery and obtained what I feel is a good result. The visible bulging at the ends of her incisions, if you look closely, is due to the tight band of her panties indenting the skin. Without that, her contour is smooth. Her scars are still a little pink and will fade with more time. She was pleased and so was I. 

Abdominoplasty - Dr. Richard Bosshardt
Abdominoplasty - Dr. Richard Bosshardt

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