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(The top photo her implants are 500 cc. In the bottom photo her implants have been switched out to a pair of 600 cc ) 



My eBook is out!

Well, it was thirty five years in the making and over twenty years in the writing, re-writing, and endless editing. What started as one book became two. The first takes you on a two year roller coaster ride of emotions and new experiences as I learn the scope and breadth of my chosen profession and struggle to assimilate the mass of information and acquire the skills necessary to practice independently and, more important, competently and safely. It was the hardest two years of my life, coming after a full five years of training to become a general surgeon. There were times when I thought I would never make it. 

Most people do not really know what a plastic surgeon is, what it takes to become a fully-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon. I understand because even after I decided to dedicate my professional life to this, I really had no clue myself. Plastic surgeons are not merely "nip and tuck" surgeons performing cosmetic surgery on an endless procession of vain, well-to-do patients. They manage trauma, some of it horrendous, like the little boy run over by a boat propeller. They treat jaw fractures and other facial fractures. They repair congenital deformities like cleft lips and palates. They reconstruct breasts lost to cancer. They treat the horrific deformities from severe burns. They do hand surgery, including replantation of amputated limbs. They reconstruct faces after accidents and removal of sometimes huge skin cancers. They are the only surgeons who truly work from the top of the head to the toes, assisting other surgeons with their unique skills. 


Have a Plastic Surgeon on Your Breast Cancer Team

Although plastic surgery continues to be destigmatized and resources for breast cancer treatment and prevention continue to grow, the number of women who were offered reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy does not reflect that. ??

As of 2017, less than half of all women who required a mastectomy were offered breast reconstruction surgery, and fewer than 20% opted for immediate reconstruction. ?

What many patients don’t know is having a plastic surgeon on your breast cancer team can make a huge difference. ?#BreastReconAwareness


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Let's Talk Size!


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