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"Thar's mold in them thar hills!"

Mold, fungi, yeast. They are literally everywhere. Yeast are so ubiquitous that you can make sourdough bread starter just by leaving some warm water mixed with flour out in the open for a few days. Yeast from the environment will populate the liquid and ferment the flour. Likewise, mold and fungi are found anywhere there is a dark, mildly humid environment. This has not changed from time immemorial.



Mommy Makeover Just In Time For Summer

mommy makeover

We are all tired of being home and are ready to hit the beach this summer. So start getting that beach bod ready now with this special summer "Mommy Makeover Summer Special"!

We are offering two awesome services to get you swimsuit ready, Breast Augmentations and Tummy Tucks. During this special limited-time offer, combine them both and you can save even more money!


Dr. Bosshardt’s thoughts on Covid-19.

It's all anyone can talk about these days. Lake County Florida Doctor Covid-19. Florida coronavirus. Covid-19 has taken over every aspect of our lives, and the hot debates continue over how to proceed to protect the citizen and the hard hit economy. 

Click HERE to read Dr. Bosshardt's blogs on his thoughts of the virus. 


A case of 22 year old breast implants

A slim 32 year old woman came to see me for breast implants. The year was 1998. The breast implant crisis, courtesy of Connie Chung's expose, was still going strong. Silicone gel implants were off the market for all but reconstruction and only saline implants could be used for augmentation.  While the demand for implants plummeted, there was still no lack of young women seeking these. 



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"Thar's mold in them thar hills!"

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Mommy Makeover Just In Time For Summer


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