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Everything you need to know about breast augmentation

The decision to have a breast augmentation is a major one with life-long consequences. Please be sure you understand this operation well and have all of your questions answered before proceeding. Once surgery is done, it can never be totally undone.


The only way to add meaningful volume or fullness to your breasts is to use breast implants. You cannot do exercises, take pills, use creams, or use “vacuum pumps” to accomplish this goal!! Some surgeons are using fat grafts to enlarge breasts. This procedure has not been widely adopted because there are still lingering questions about the long term effects of injecting one’s own fat into the breasts. The process usually requires more than one operation and rarely increases breast size more than ½ - 1 cup size. I do not feel confident enough in this procedure to offer it to my patients.


Why I am not one of American's Top Breast Surgeons

The email began, “Congratulations are in order. Your practice has been selected to be featured. Americastopbreastsurgeons.com.” Wow! Really? At last, my incredible talents have been properly recognized. With fingers trembling in gratitude, I click to go to the site and claim my recognition. But wait…….what’s this? Even though it claims to be some type of award or distinction, I have to pay for a membership. Membership? Since when do you have to pay for receiving an honor? Membership is what you do when you join a club. “Membership” among America’s Top Breast Surgeons is $500 for one year, $1000 for life, and $2000 for “#1 Top Spot membership. If I want my practice listed, it is $995 for 6 months, $1895 for one year, $2895 for lifetime membership, and a mind-boggling $3895 for the #1 Top Spot. My mind reels with questions. Is this for real? How did I come to the attention of those who select ATBS’s? Who nominated me? How many doctors in my area received similar emails? Did my partner receive an invitation? Do I act quickly if I want #1 Top Spot ranking?



Doing implant surgery does not mean never having to say you are sorry

Some women claim their implants harmed them. The term 'breast implant illness' has been coined to describe a small group of women who feel that their implants made them sick. The number, and this is only a rough estimate, is small, perhaps 1-2% of women with implants, but with over 5 million women with implants in the U.S. alone, it is still a large number. Estimates are around 35,000 but that could be way off, either way. The problem is that anyone can react to anything put into their body and such reactions are often unpredictable both in how and when they present. I am very sorry for anyone who feels that her implants harmed her. I am trying very hard to learn more and to figure out how best to deal with this. Explantation (removal of implants) is always an option but it is not one without possible harm either. Women need to be fully informed and that has always been a primary principle in how I practice. For more, go to the link below. 




Breast implant illness and the strange case of Dr. Susan Kolb


Is there such a thing as ‘Breast Implant Illness”, a unique condition found in women with breast implants? With over 5 million women with implants in the U.S.A. alone, this would seem to be an important question to answer. Are there women who have breast implants and experience a dizzing array of medical symptoms? Of course. As of 2010, over five million women in the U.S. have had breast implants inserted. In any group so large, you are going to have women with all sorts of complaints or disorders. The question then becomes, are these caused by their implants, all or in part, or not?  



Radiation for non-melanoma skin cancer- look before you leap

I recently saw an 80 year old man. Ten years ago, he had a squamous cell skin cancer on his scalp. His dermatologist recommended radiation therapy. Eight years later, the treated area broke down spontaneously and for two years he has had an ulcer on top of his head that has resisted all efforts to get it healed. On his examination now, he has a 2. 5 cm (1 inch) round ulcer on top of his head. The base of this ulcer is bare bone. The surrounding scalp is fibrous with no elasticity and clearly poor blood circulation. Getting this ulcer healed will require major surgery, if can be done at all.



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