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Confidence is overrated- the Dunning-Kruger Effect

We have “young gun” newly elected politicians with little knowledge of history or the political process itself pushing legislation and policies that are either patently unrealistic, absurd, or simply modern sounding versions of tired, failed ideas of the past. The poster child for this seems to be Alexandra Ocasio Cortez who utters idiotic ideas with a level of confidence that I can only envy. What is truly frightening is that she now has a platform from which to spout her inanities and a small but real audience of equally clueless followers.



"Doctor, will there be a scar?"


“Doctor, will I have a scar?”  This question comes up in many, if not most, discussions related to an injury or surgery. Underlying the question is concern regarding appearances and possible disfigurement following one or the other.


Breast implant illness? You decide.

In 30 years of practice as a plastic surgeon, I have not had even half a dozen patients return to me with the type of non-specific, multi-system complaints often attributed to what is being called “breast implant illness” or BII. Is BII real? I don’t know and neither, it appears, does anyone else. Are there women out there with poorly understood, unexplained disorders who have breast implants? Of course. There are also millions of women with these same disorders who have never been in the same room with a breast implant. Among the many things you learn after a few years of practice is that, in the world of medicine, anyone can react badly to anything. It can be a drug, metal, latex, gluten, or any other of the countless things we are exposed to in some manner and, yes, I would include breast implants. Why should implants be any different? It is another thing to claim, however, as some are doing, that implants are inherently dangerous, toxic devices that will make everyone who has them sick eventually. This flies in the face of reason and decades of experience with implants.


I had a very interesting patient return to me recently. Bea (not her real name) came to me in 2008 seeking breast enhancement. Her breasts were sadly deflated and sagging after having children. The areolae were stretched out. I suggested a breast lift followed by placing implants at a second procedure and she went ahead. Her result was great and both of us were very pleased. Over the subsequent years, I saw her for a couple of minor procedures, with the last aournd 5 years ago. She remained completely pleased with her breasts.


Beware of online reviews


I love getting 5 star reviews on Google and similarly stratospheric reviews on vitals.com, realself.com, and healthgrades.com. What’s not to like? A lot, actually. You see, if you look carefully, interspersed in those 4 and 5 star reviews are several 1 star reviews. A 1 star review means you are one step above, say, a child abuser or serial killer. In other words, you are so bad that the reviewer went as low as the process would allow. I know this is so because in the comments are such pearls as “Horrible “Dr.””, “…..You disgust not only me but my husband says the same….Run, run” (not sure if she means me or my patients should run).



Breast augmentation- overview updated 10 April 2019


The decision to have a breast augmentation is a major one with life-long consequences. Please be sure you understand this operation well and have all of your questions answered before proceeding. Once surgery is done, it can never be totally undone.



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"Doctor, will there be a scar?"


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