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A case of 35 year old implants

This 78 year old woman came to see me because of swelling of her right breast. She had breast augmentation performed in 1984 with what she believed to be saline implants. She had no paperwork on them. Although her breasts became firm over the years, she had no other problems with them and was happy with the result. Her overall health was excellent with only some hypertension that was treated. She had a mammogram in 2018 that was reported to her as OK.



BIA-ALCL- Is this the smoking gun proving breast implants are dangerous?

For nearly the entire thirty years that I have been in practice, some women have claimed that breast implants made them sick. This controversy came to a head around 1991 when the first implant crisis exploded in the wake of Connie Chung’s expose on television. After a more than a decade of media hysteria, thousands of law suits, and a flurry of reports from major medical centers, it seemed that implants were exonerated, unlike President Trump, and the issue essentially disappeared. It was not totally gone, however, just smoldering, waiting to rise, like a Phoenix from the ashes, with the next wave of accusations.

The next wave is now here, abetted by the game changer and force multiplier, social media. There have always been women who suspected their implants were making them sick but many, if not most, have been marginalized by physicians and plastic surgeons who did not take their complaints seriously. Until social media, most felt as though they were in this alone. Now, websites allow women with concerns to share their stories with others who have experienced similar problems, obtain affirmation for their condition, and strength in numbers.



Social media and the mainstream media are full of posts and articles, respectively, regarding the issue of breast implant associated lymphoma, the ban in several countries of use of Allergan’s textured biocell implants, and, most recently, of Allergan’s voluntary removal from the U.S. market as well. Here are some facts about the situation.



Confidence is overrated- the Dunning-Kruger Effect

We have “young gun” newly elected politicians with little knowledge of history or the political process itself pushing legislation and policies that are either patently unrealistic, absurd, or simply modern sounding versions of tired, failed ideas of the past. The poster child for this seems to be Alexandra Ocasio Cortez who utters idiotic ideas with a level of confidence that I can only envy. What is truly frightening is that she now has a platform from which to spout her inanities and a small but real audience of equally clueless followers.



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Friday, August 16, 2019

A case of 35 year old implants


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