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This young lady disliked the shape of her breasts and loss of fullness after two pregnancies. Her bra size originally was a Victoria's Secret 34 D cup (VS makes it bra cup sizes smaller than almost any other manufacturer so customers wear a larger cup size in a VS bra. Probably a smart marketing move) and now was somewhere in a B/C cup range with other bras. She wanted to look more full, with nice cleavage, and not too "showy". She had some asymmetry in both shape and size, her skin was somewhat loose, and she showed obvious indication of having lost fullness. Many surgeons would have insisted she have a breast lift, as well as implants. She was a candidate for a breast lift to tighten up her skin and lift the nipple/areola complexes a bit, but even a small lift would have left her with visible, unpredictable scars around the margins of her areolae, where she would always look surgically altered. I thought she would do well with implants alone and felt I could get her a satisfactory result and spare her the more extensive procedure, with more scarring, for at least a few years.

Breast Augmentation - Dr. Richard Bosshardt
Breast Augmentation - Dr. Richard Bosshardt


I performed her breast augmentation in 2016 using Allergan smooth, round, moderate profile gel implants. To compensate for the slighter small right breast, I placed a 421 cc implant on the left and a 457 cc implant on the right. She did beautifully with a result that was very soft and natural. She retained normal sensitivity in her breasts. Her new bra size was a VS 36 DD cup. She said that the result fulfilled all of her expectations. She returned 4 years later for a check up because she lost 40 lb and could now feel some ripples. She had remained soft. The ripples were just her feeling the implant, now that she had less breast tissue to pad them. She looked as good, if not better than 4 years earlier. She was very happy that she delayed doing a breast lift.

Update: I saw this lady recently, now seven years after ther surgery. Her breasts look even better now, with the passage of time. They remain exquisitely soft. She asked if she might need to replace these implants when they are ten or fifteen years old. I explained that there is no agreement on this. I recommend to my patients that, if their breasts look and feel good to them, they leave the implants undisturbed and replace them only if there is a specific need or desire on their part.  

Breast Augmentation - Dr. Richard Bosshardt
Breast Augmentation - Dr. Richard Bosshardt
Breast Augmentation - Dr. Richard Bosshardt
Breast Augmentation - Dr. Richard Bosshardt

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