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This nice lady was diagnosed with left breast cancer and sought reconstruction. She elected to have both breasts removed. Because of the type of cancer she had and the size and nice shape of her breasts, it was felt that she would do well, from a cancer standpoint and for reconstruction, with a nipple-sparing mastectomy with implant reconstruction. In this operation, only the cancerous breast tissue is removed and the skin and nipple/areola complexes are spared. 

Breast Reconstruction - Dr. Richard Bosshardt
Breast Reconstruction - Dr. Richard Bosshardt

The scar on her breast is from her biopsy. 


She is shown 4 months after her reconstruction was completed. At the time of her mastectomies, I placed tissue expanders into each breast. She wanted to be a little larger than she started. Her expansion, done in weekly visits, was completed in about 2 months. I took her back to surgery for exchange of her expanders for silicone gel implants 7 months after her first surgery. Her implants are 790 cc Mentor MemoryGel XTRA silicone gel implants. Her original bra size was a Victoria's Secret D cup (comparable to most other manufacturers C cup). She is visibly bigger and very happy with her breasts, which are very soft and natural feeling. Her scars have settled nicely.  

Breast Reconstruction - Dr. Richard Bosshardt
Breast Reconstruction - Dr. Richard Bosshardt

You can see how the biopsy scar has faded as well. 

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