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This lady came in to fix her saggy breasts. Her bra size was a 36 D. She had some chronic shoulder pain that she thought might be due to her breasts, but no other complaints. I recommended a breast lift with a small reduction. 

Breast Reduction - Dr. Richard Bosshardt
Breast Reduction - Dr. Richard Bosshardt


She is shown 6 months after a lift with removal of 98 grams of tissue from the left  breast and 128 grams from the right (I thought the left breast looked slightly smaller than the right). She is delighted with her new breasts. Her bra size is not changed. She has excellent contour and good symmetry (the left now looks slightly more full but not unacceptably so), and has all the normal feeling in her breasts. She demonstrates one of the concerns in women with darker skin: her scars show changes in pigmentation- some areas are darker than normal while others are lighter. Some of this may still improve even after 6 months. If it does not, camouflage tattooing can nicely restore some of the normal color. I would give myself a B+ on this one.

Breast Reduction - Dr. Richard Bosshardt
Breast Reduction - Dr. Richard Bosshardt

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