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This lady, although clearly overweight, had hugely disproportionately large breasts with severe problems including back, neck, and shoulder pain for many years. She also had frequent rashes under her breasts and recurring occipital headaches. Conservative measures did not provide more than partial, temporary relief. Her shoulder grooves can be clearly seen. 

Breast Reduction - Dr. Richard Bosshardt
Breast Reduction - Dr. Richard Bosshardt


At her surgery, I removed 1583 grams from the right breast and 1588 grams from the left (more than 6 1/2 lb for you non-metric types). Because of her very large size, I chose to use a technique in which the nipple/areolae are removed at the start of the case and, at the end, replaced as grafts. This is nearly 100% successful but carries the down side of loss of sensitivity to this area and, in some patients, as in her case, loss of pigment in the grafts. This can be camouflaged with tattooing color into the pink areas. She did not feel she needed to do this. Her bra size went from a 42 DDD to a 38 D cup. Her problems resolved almost completely. 

Breast Reduction - Dr. Richard Bosshardt
Breast Reduction - Dr. Richard Bosshardt

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